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UnitedHealthcare Of Illinois: Fertility Solutions Clinical Program Launch Update – Effective 10/01/2022

The trend of people waiting longer to have children may sometimes lead to complications, resulting in the need for fertility treatment. These treatments may end with multiple gestations and neonatal intensive care unit events that usually increase medical costs. Without clinical guidance and support, plan participants may face emotional and financial challenges that may cause them to pursue a more costly, less effective course of treatment.

UnitedHealthcare has launched the Fertility Solutions Clinical program for all Level Funded cases in the 21 or 22 portfolio (all plan codes with either a suffix of ‘21’ or ‘22’ at the end of the plan name, i.e. P1500i8021 or CnE3000i80LX22) for both New Business and Renewals effective 10/1/2022.  This program applies for IL or MA sitused cases only.

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If you have any questions or would like a proposal, please reach out to your Euclid Managers Marketing Representative.

Marketing Representative Email Address Phone Number
Scott Borosak (630) 283-2840
Sharon Lewis Widhalm (630) 238-2919
Robin Przybylski (630) 238-2913
Josef Staiton (630) 238-2933
Steve Stall (630) 238-2917

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