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Getting to Know The UnitedHealthcare Standard Select Network

UnitedHealthcare’s Standard Select Pharmacy with Walgreens, standard in the Illinois 1-50 market for Fully Insured, and in the Level Funded under 100 market for new business and renewal in 2022, is comprised of approximately 50,000 retail pharmacies.  Walgreens, along with other mass merchants and supermarkets, are included in the network.

Click here for more information on the Standard Select Pharmacy with Walgreens Network

Click here for a list of in-network pharmacies

For more information, please reach out to your Euclid Managers Marketing Representative.

Marketing Representative Email Address Phone Number
Sharon Lewis (630) 238-2919
Robin Przybylski (630) 238-2913
Meg Smadi (630) 238-2948
Josef Staiton (630) 238-2933
Steve Stall (630) 238-2917

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